I'm on tour in May!

LA from May 13-15 offering duos with Maya Rose!
SF from May 15-17 offering duos with Celeste Belle!

About Me

Get to know Richmond, Virginia’s vibrant vixen here to awaken your inner most desires.

I’m a wild-hearted woman based in the Richmond, Virginia, and available worldwide. With my warm and sensuous nature, I invite you to experience life’s true pleasures with me. Beginning with the thrilling moment my bright, green eyes first meet yours, you feel your pulse quicken with our first kiss. Over drinks or a meal we share titillating conversation, knowing glances, and genuine laughter. Your hand makes its way to the small of my back and you see my mischievous smirk spread across my lips. The rest I leave up to your imagination to run wild…for now. 

I’m a vivrant thing who laughs often and easily. I am quite the social chameleon — I move easily between worlds. Even though I have a refined sensibility when in public, behind closed doors my hedonistic side quickly blooms. I am very free-spirited and even more open-minded. You can usually find me off the beaten path. I have an intimate skillset honed over years of being a sex and kink educator. I love reading people’s bodies and can be quite voracious. With a naturally exploratory nature, I love pushing the boundaries of propriety.

With me you will feel both at ease and filled with excitement as I draw you into a world of deep connections and hidden desires. I will melt your troubles away and you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed–but of course craving more of your new favorite addiction. 

Perhaps let’s stroll through a museum while our hands graze each other, building tension, & then satisfy all of our senses as we explore our passionate impulses. 

Mikaela is in a lavish claw foot bathtub in a bathroom with white subway tile, and a large, beautifully lit stained glass window. She is sitting slightly up in the bath looking in an ornate, gothic style, gold framed mirror. You, as the viewer, are standing behind her and see her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts are obscured by the bathtub tray that has candles on it.
Mikaela is wearing a three piece lingerie set in a sheer, dark indigo purple lace and nude stockings. She is wearing dark magenta lipstick and a "come hither" smirk. She is laying upside down on a soft loveseat with both hands behind her head and her legs extended up with toes pointed.

The Devil is in the Details

♦ 40 year-old queer femme (If you’re not sure about what that means, read the linked blog post!)

♦ 5’1” – 115lbs.

♦ Hair: recently changed to bright copper! And jaw-framing length bob.

♦ Eye color: a mesmerizing green and brown

♦ Persian-American

♦ Body type: slim with all the right curves

♦ Lingerie sizes: 34D or Small up top, Medium on the bottom

♦ Shoe size: US 6 – 5.5 for heels.

♦ Non-surgically enhanced; 6 large tattoos; pierced ears and nostril

♦ Education: Bachelors of Fine Arts

A Few of My Favorite Things

This is just a snapshot into some things I love. Want to lavish me with something extra? Receiving gifts is one of my love languages, and I’m always deeply touched to receive them. Check out my Gifts page if you would like to put a special smile on my face.

Food & Drink

A recent pescatarian, I’m enjoying figuring out which seafood dishes I like. Unfortunately, I am gluten-free. Within that my palette has a pretty wide range and I’m happy with just about any cuisine. Savory over sweet is my general preference. Coffee is life and I can always find the best hipster coffee joint in town. Gin, tequila, or vodka, if you please. A nice bubbly, red, or rosé is my go-to for wines.


My favorite form of self-expression is moving my body. I’m an avid yogi, an accomplished shibari model, and a former-trained-dancer-turned-dance-partier. I’m also a recent convert to the cult of pole-dance studios.


Music is an essential part of my life; I possess a huge musical knowledge and have an uncanny ability to recognize a song within the first bar. Want to listen to my playlists? I have a degree in theatre so I LOVE live/performing arts. I like cinema, but it’s not something I prioritize, so share your faves with me over cuddles and drinks on the couch (or while naked in bed)!


I’m an avid reader who enjoys really nerdy non-fiction. Catch me reading feminist theory, historical accounts, human sexuality, and even neuroscience. I do also enjoy fiction: fantasy, poetry, various novels. My Goodreads can give you a more detailed look into my collection.

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