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This is Bondassage®

An experience like no other!

Welcome to a new world of pleasure, where you can surrender yourself to bliss!

I am so thrilled to be Central Virginia’s only Certified Bondassage® Practioner, and have been trained by Global Master Trainer and renowned TS provider & Sensual Domina, Rachel Smithe!

Drawing on modalities of kink, massage, and Domination, this exciting and innovative form of sensual body work uses techniques such as sensory deprivation, light bondage, and sensual Dominance/submission power play to immerse you into a full body sensory play experience.

This is more than just a sensual massage or strict kink. This is a method of inviting you to surrender your body and mind to the sensorial delights and depths of pleasure that await you. Whether you are a novice with nothing but playful curiosity, or a seasoned BDSM player, you’ll be well taken care of and guided into the world of Bondassage®.

Will you dare to take the plunge?

Bondassage® FAQ

Maybe you’ve heard of Bondassage®, but don’t know much about it. Read on to learn more!

Why Bondassage over other experiences?

Bondassage offers you a genuinely unique, curated experience that helps you deeply and safely explore your curiosities – and maybe even unleash curiosities you never knew you had! Want to know what other folks have to say? Read some testimonials below:

“What a unique experience with Mikaela Grace! Bondassage with her was a sensual, exciting adventure that helped me explore some new erotic interests. The flow from sensation to sensation was perfect and her depth of knowledge in boundary-setting, communication, bondage, and sensory play really put me at ease. I’ve never had an experience quite like it – definitely looking forward to future sessions!”


“Upon meeting, Mikaela is warm, friendly, and caring in getting to know you and discussing desires and boundaries. Then, after you shower, you stand, heart racing, before this incredibly sexy woman. You follow her instructions as she blindfolds you and puts headphones on you. You lay there on the table, completely exposed, having submitted yourself to Goddess Mikaela’s pleasure, primed for sensations, and wondering what comes next. There’s only one way to experience the answer: book her for a Bondassage session!”


“The Bondassage experience with Mikaela Grace is the ultimate sensual relaxation and experience of letting go. Mikaela’s comfortable environment and great techniques are sure to satisfy the collective senses. She is simply the best!”


Mikaela is a white woman who has a chin-length copper colored bob and a full back tattoo. She has a black and floral robe draped delicately down on her arms. You see her from below, as though you are kneeling before her. She has her back to you and she stands in front of a black claw foot bathtub in front of a stained glass window.

Who is Bondassage for?

It is for people of all genders, orientations, and experience levels! Bondassage can be adapted to one’s physical limitations, emotional needs, and previous experience with elements of kink/BDSM. Ultimately, however, one needs to approach Bondassage with a curiosity and comfort to explore submitting one’s will to the Practitioner as there is an element of Dominance/submission. This is done in service to surrendering yourself to the blissful and deep relaxation achieved during a Bondassage experience. If the thought of surrendering any ounce of control gives you hives or extreme anxiety, then I am happy to offer different experience before moving into Bondassage. I am always willing to take things as slowly as you need.

What does a typical Bondassage experience look like?

Imagine yourself surrendering by being collared and cuffed and bound to a padded table… Having your sight taken by a blindfold, you receive headphones that play a curated playlist to help you forget your daily, mundane troubles and let the outside world melt away… You begin the process of sinking into your body by receiving various sensations and pleasures. As you continue to indulge your senses and sink deeper into surrender, you achieve a profound level of relaxation and enjoyment. You are safe and happy, and in complete bliss. You emerge back into the world feeling both deeply relaxed and highly energized, ready to return to the outside world.

Where can I receive Bondassage with you?

I am Central Virginia’s only Certified Bondassage Practitioner, and I am thrilled to invite you to experience it in my home base of Richmond, or in Chicago. I am currently only able to offer Bondassage in those two locations, as I am unable to travel with the tools necessary to deliver this unique and wonderful experience while I am on tour or in any of my other bases.

I’d love to try it! How much time will I need to book?

For the most luxurious experience I recommend booking 2 hours as a minimum, whether you are new to Bondassage or a seasoned player. I am able to offer a more “express” 90 minute experience to folks who have received Bondassage before. If you wish to experience Bondassage blended with a more vanilla experience, please book a 3 hour minimum. Bondassage can also be incorporated into a dinner or lunch date by booking a 4 hour minimum.

I’m not sure if Bondassage is for me, can I ask you about it before doing it?

As with all experiences, if you are a new suitor I do not discuss explicit details prior to a first encounter (even after completing screening). If you still have questions about Bondassage after reading my summary and/or viewing the Bondassage website, you can always dip your toe in the water by:

  • booking a 2 hour date to have a taste of Bondassage alongside a more vanilla experience, or
  • booking a 3 hour date so that we can discuss & incorporate a full Bondassage session toward the end of a more vanilla experience

As always, I am happy and able to create a bespoke experience that will sate your appetite and leave you feeling refreshed!

Are you ready to surrender to bliss?

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