Expectations & Etiquette

Disappointment is no fun for anyone and it’s only a result of unmet expectations. I’ll show you mine so I can meet yours.

First Contact

Keeping Secrets

In order to meet for the first time, you MUST fill out my booking form. Doing this will ensure we are able to do so as soon as possible. I absolutely require screening, so if you are unwilling to provide the required information, we are unable to meet. I understand that it can seem intrusive, but this standard industry practice is absolutely essential to my well-being and safety. Please believe that my reputation would be at great risk if I ruined yours. So rest assured that I take every measure to keep your information secure.

I take privacy VERY seriously! I have years of experience executing high levels of discretion. To that end, I will never call you without your express consent. If needed, I use a non-descript email for screening or anything requiring exceptional privacy.


While awaiting our engagement, please feel free to follow my Twitter, take a look at my wishlist, or send gift cards for any outfits you’d like to see me in during our date, and avidly day dream about our imminent tryst. 

Ensuring ultimate comfort

Boundaries are a sign of someone who is self-aware! I will always respect your limits and expect the same in return. Having boundaries allows me to give myself fully to our experience. I reserve the right to cancel or end our date without refund if you:

  • Do not honor my “no.” Consent is mandatory for everyone. Coercive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Attempt to negotiate my consideration.
  • Arrive to our date intoxicated or impaired by any substance that isn’t medically necessary.
  • Send me any lewd, explicit, or coded language before or after our encounter.
  • Ask me to engage in unsafe practices. This is extremely disrespectful to my livelihood and a sign that we are very incompatible. 
  • Behave in any way that jeopardizes my safety and/or agency.
Mikaela is kneeling on a bed with white linens and a grey pillow in the background. She is wearing a bright orange corset and thong set with leg garters. Her hands are caressing her hips and she is demurely looking down and away with a mischievous smile on her face.
Mikaela is lounging on a cream colored chaise covered by a white fur. Her black and floral silk robe is draped on the back of the chaise. She is wearing a royal blue chemise and seductively pulling one of the shoulder straps down with her fingers. She has a mischievous smirk on her face.

The Experience

The First Spark

Once you’ve filled out my form, please allow me up to 24 hours to verify you. I will then reach out to coordinate time/date details, and request a deposit. I can currently accept deposit via CashApp or cash via USPS Certified Mail. Our time together is confirmed once I’ve received your deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details. 

Start the Fire

Please have my consideration ready at the start of our meeting in an unsealed envelope. (If we are in a public place, please tuck it inside a card or gift.) Please do not make me ask you for my consideration as this is very uncouth.

I will always be impeccably groomed and I expect the same from you. If you have not come directly from your own shower I will ask that you use mine. If it’s particularly swampy outside, I will for sure ask you to shower upon arrival. Please pay particular attention to your oral hygiene. I’m quite senstitive to the smell of tobacco products, so please strive to be free of those smells. Please understand that me asking you to shower, use mouthwash, or wash your hands is not an insult to you; it is purely based on my needs to keep health and safety standards top notch.

I tend to wear light makeup and don’t dress in a showy manner. I am happy to indulge in PDA or keep it to a minimum as you prefer. Let me know what else I can do to help you feel comfortable.

Keep It Ablaze

You’re having a lovely time and you wish to extend our date? That’s wonderful! I am happy to accommodate as I am available. Please be sure to have additional benefactions on hand if you think this may be a possibility. 

The Afterglow

I don’t kiss and tell, I expect that neither will you. I may decline to see you if I find you’ve discussed details about me or our time together with strangers.

Regarding reviews, I find review board culture to be incredibly unreliable and unnecessarily compromises our privacy and safety. This means that I only allow reviews to be personally submitted to me, or written on Private Delights.  Each connection and experience is unique and based on the chemistry I have with you, but if you wish to get an idea of what an experience with me might be like, please feel free to read my PD reviews. Any other reviews you see on other sites are unauthorized and I cannot guarantee that they are accurate or genuine.

Occasionally I may simply be incompatible with someone. In that case, please allow me to refer you to someone who may be more suitable rather than writing a bad review.

But You Want More Heat

For future bookings, kindly email or text with your requested date, time, duration, and location. Please do not call me to request another engagement or for idle chit-chat. I lead a very full life and am unable to be involved in your day-to-day life. If you’d like a peek into my everyday goings-on, please follow me on Twitter or sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page!

Bring your “you-est” you

What I Offer

I excel at creating authentic connections quickly and easily. I’m good at relating to nearly anyone. I strive to be that place you go when you need connection; the day dream you return to when you find your mind wandering. Whether it be a quick romp, a 3 hour dinner date, a luxurious overnight, or a spicy Bondassage or kink  experience. I delight in indulging in our more libertine impulses together and am happy to bring out my sensually dominant side – or we can switch it up. I have years of experience as a kink educator (particularly in the rope community). When we’re together, my ultimate goal is to bring out the best in you through pleasurable experiences.

What I'm Passionate About

Equal parts Brené Brown and Esther Perel, I mean it when I say I have an undying passion for connection and authenticity. So bring your truest desires; you will find that I am free from judgement. I delight in learning what you desire and what motivates you. I especially love bringing out your more perverse or taboo desires. I am the type of person who loves nothing more than figuring out what lights your fire and working with just that.

I do not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, class, ability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or political beliefs. However, I also will not tolerate racism, classism, homo/trans/queerphobia, whorephobia, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, or oppression of any kind. I am a disability friendly companion. And as a queer person myself, I am always happy to provide a gender affirming experience. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your experience more pleasurable!

My "Type"

I am discerning in whom I choose to spend time with. My clients are articulate, ultimately respectful, comply with all of my screening requirements, and adhere to my deposit and cancellation policies. I don’t have a list of physical traits that you have to tick off to see me. That’s not what I’m here for. So long as you have good hygiene, comply with my rules, and honor my boundaries, you’ve met the requirements to see me!

If I feel we are not compatible I will politely decline your request. If you resort to rude, explicit, or inappropriate messages they will be deleted without response. 

Mikaela is playfully sitting on a kitchen counter. She is wearing a white, men's button up shirt that has a tiger print on it that is only partially buttoned to reveal part of her breasts. She is sitting with her legs crossed and smiling at you as she pours you a glass of red wine.

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