Lavish Me 

Gifts are like the icing on the cake, it only makes it sweeter! Gifting me is the fastest way to endear yourself to me and ensure you have an extra special time when we meet. If you want to indulge my love of luscious things, I am happy to accept your contribution to my sybaritic side.

For specific and special occasion gift requests, please visit my Marigold Wishlist!

A woman with curly, pink hair and wearing black and dark blue lacey lingerie is seductively bent over a bed with a white bedspread.

Workin’ On My Fitness

Want to help me with my physical pursuits? I appreciate contributions to my favorite ways of staying embodied. 

Yoga: 10 classes for $185; 20 for $350

Pole Fitness: monthly membership for $110

All are accepted via Wishtender.

Nourish my Mind, Body, & Soul

I am a life-long learner. Keep my wits sharp by contributing to my Audible membership or send me an Amazon gift card so I can add to my bookshelf. If you’d like to pick something out yourself, please consult my Goodreads to see what I’m into. 

A gift card from Ellwood Thompson’s or Whole Foods is always appreciated. Appeal to my inner coffee snob. Other libation faves: herbaceous gin, tequila, or vodka. Wine is also welcome with bubbly, rosé, or reds being my most loved. Fresh fruit or creme brulee are some of my favorite sweet treats.

Body work at my favorite massage studio: 90 minute session for $200; or be a patron saint of my healing and provide one year of monthly treatment for $2400.

Functional medicine consultation: $1275 for three hours. 

Contribute to my supplement fund: I have chronic pain and take a LOT of vitamins to manage it. Help keep me in good health!

All accepted via Wishtender.

Gild the Lily

I do love clothes, especially of the lacey variety! Some of my favorite online places are Studio Pia, Coco de Mer LondonNet-A-PorterNordstrom, Nasty Gal, Thistle & SpireHoney Birdette, Bordelle.

I am extremely picky about hair and body care, but you can never go wrong with AvedaLushMAC, or Sephora

OMG shoes

Keep It Simple

I am ever the pragmatist and will happily accept less glamorous gifts like Apple, Chewy.comHilton, Hyatt, SouthwestAirBnB, Delta, American, Amtrak, Lyft.

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