I'm on tour in May!

LA from May 13-15 offering duos with Maya Rose!
SF from May 15-17 offering duos with Celeste Belle!

Wanna be my Sugar Daddy?

I am so thrilled to announce some special packages I’ve created for you!

Mikaela is wearing a classic Calvin Klein sheath dress in a burgundy red color with nude stockings and black heels. You see her from behind as she is walking through the front door of a classic brick house with a black door that silhouettes her curves.

This one is for all you Daddies (of any gender, of course!) who love to feel like you’re enhancing my life, love to provide for my well-being, love a mutually beneficial relationship, and maybe want our experiences together to feel a little less transactional.


I have a couple of different packages ranging from 2,000-10,000 for different, very important parts of my life. Each package has unique extras to go along with it, so you’ll have extra TLC outside of our normal tete-a-tetes. Click each link to see my offerings and decide which Daddy you’d like to be!

As usual, here’s the fine print:

​If you are a new suitor, screening is required.

Packages cannot be applied to dates that are already booked.

Packages 5,000 and lower must be paid for up front, packages 5,500 and up may be paid for over time. Please ask for details.

All booked packages must be completed within 4 months. Any unfulfilled time will be forfeited.

Any dates that require travel 60 miles outside of Richmond are subject to a travel fee.

Mikaela is lounging in a beautiful outdoor Moroccan style patio and wearing a bright orange robe that is open to reveal a bright turquoise bikini. She is propped up on one of the many pillows and leaning her head into her hand. She wears vintage Oscar de la Renta sunglasses and is holding a wine glass.

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