New Year Celebrations

Jan 19, 2022Gratitude, Reflection, Seasonal0 comments

New Year Celebrations

Jan 19, 2022 | Gratitude, Reflection, Seasonal | 0 comments

Happy 2022 Everyone!

Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the year already to say Happy New Year, but nonetheless. It’s a time of year where we’re all likely turning inward and reflecting on the past year. It’s also a time to set intentions on what paths we would like to take for the year ahead. The nights are still long and possibly cold depending on where you are. Truthfully I hate that there’s less daylight these days. But it makes for a time of renewal; going deep into our own inner worlds to plant seeds that we will see bloom at Spring time. Winter time indeed has its own special magic with cold, wind-swept skies, rosey cheeks from outdoor walks, and comforting fireside dinners. It really is the perfect time to snuggle up and enjoy a night in, prepare a sumptuous meal, and keep the night heated up through to the next morning. 

For me this is a time of gratitude and for celebration! This January is my two year anniversary of joining this beautiful world of going out on fabulous dates and spending quality time with lovely folks! (For those that don’t know, it’s my “cotton anniversary” so if you’d like to give any gifts, clothing is a very appropriate one.) And what a two years it’s been… I had no idea that in 2020 when I launched this website and created my Twitter that only 6 weeks later we would be facing a global pandemic. In all of my wildest dreams of what my life would be like in this world, surviving a pandemic was not at all a part of them! It has certainly brought its share of challenges, upset, and tribulations. But it has also brought me to some really wonderful people and to much beloved community. 

As I look over the last two years and take stock I see how far I’ve come both personally and professionally. I’ve become a small business owner, I’ve achieved some financial goals, and I’ve become even better at connecting and communicating with people. Most importantly, I am so very grateful to have met all of the colleagues I’ve met–truly without having so many bad-ass people in my life to work alongside, to share stories with, to share in triumphs, and to give me guidance when I so needed it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

To all of you, I give my sincerest thanks (and big ole sappy hugs). Our community is wild and wonderful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

AND without the lovely gentlepeople I’ve met over the past two years my life would be far less full of joy. For those that have sought me out, I am so delighted and happy to have provided you with exciting and sensuous experiences. The past two years have proven just how much we humans need touch and face-to-face connection. I know there will be so many more of these experiences and connections, and I welcome them with open arms!

This year I am committing to finding and embracing magic in the everyday. I am re-dedicating myself to a spiritual practice–drawing closer to nature and her cycles of life and listening in to what my inner knowing is saying. I am also very excited to keep working on being present in my body as much as possible. That is a very vital practice that is difficult during this period of global stress, but oh so important! (Yoga dates, anyone?) I invite you all to join me in making this year magical and claiming the good life you so deserve!

This is definitely a love letter to myself, to my fellow providers, to the clients, and to this world. Join me in making 2022 a year of joy, adventure, and wonder!


Mikaela Grace

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