Exciting news: Richmond now has a Certified Bondassage®️ Practitioner!

May 29, 2023Announcements, Date Ideas, Education0 comments

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Exciting news: Richmond now has a Certified Bondassage®️ Practitioner!

May 29, 2023 | Announcements, Date Ideas, Education | 0 comments

If you follow my Twitter you’ve probably seen that I was recently certified as a Bondassage Practitioner. In March I took part in a two-day training with Global Master Trainer, Rachel Smithe of Chicago. It was such a great and intense two days and I learned SO MUCH! (Special shout out to my demo models that offered up their mind and bodies as well as sponsored my training! You know who you are!)

I wanted to share a little bit about what Bondassage is, and why I wanted to learn and offer it. If you’re more interested in the “what,” feel free to skip to the end.

If you want to learn some more about what inspired me to make this leap, read on!

Back in late 2022 I had the pleasure of hosting a duo with Ms. Rachel Smithe. We had met earlier that year at Club Curiosity in NYC, and we instantly clicked. At that event I also got to experience a four-hand milking table massage (or maybe it was 6? It was hard to tell as I was in quite an ecstatic state). WHEW, it was amazing! That was the first taste of the type of pleasure one could experience with a 360º, full body experience. Flash forward to October of 2022, Rachel and I hosted a four-hands experience that included Bondassage elements. She led and I followed. Watching her expertly work up our gent into a crescendo, allowing him to sink into his body in ways he clearly wasn’t able to do in everyday life was nothing short of awe inspiring. I instantly knew I wanted to learn more from her!

I had some questions about Bondassage, as I really didn’t know what it was all about. I knew the bare-bones of it, but didn’t understand how it worked, or more importantly, why anyone would want to become a certified practitioner. I learned that it is really a beautiful path to pleasure while also being a means to explore sensual Dominance and submission.

I knew that I had to learn so I could offer it to my suitors! Even just having a small taste of what the techniques offered had pushed every single dopamine button in my brain. It made it tingle in ways that said “go, do that, follow that!” So I set about making a plan with her to receive training, and then I spent a couple months gathering the tools to be able to provide Central Virginia with mind-blowing Bondassage experiences! And here we are!

So how would I describe Bondassage?

This art form draws on modalities of kink, massage, and Domination. It’s an exciting an innovative form of sensual body work that uses techniques such as sensory deprivation, light bondage, and sensual Dominance/power play to immerse you in a full body sensory experience. This is more than just a sensual massage or strict kink. This is a method of inviting you to surrender your body and mind to the sensorial delights and depths of pleasure that await you. Whether you are a novice with nothing but playful curiosity, or a seasoned BDSM player, you’ll be well taken care of and guided into the world of Bondassage.

So far in soft launching this experience to a select number of suitors I’ve discovered some things that folks who have never had such an experience may want to know. So here’s some more information…

Bondassage offers you a genuinely unique, curated experience that helps you deeply and safely explore your curiosities – and maybe even unleash curiosities you never knew you had!

Bondassage is for people of all genders, orientations, and experience levels! It can be adapted to one’s physical limitations, emotional needs, and previous experience with elements of kink/BDSM. Ultimately one needs to approach Bondassage with a curiosity and desire to explore submitting one’s will to the Practitioner, as there is an element of Dominance/submission. This is done in service to surrendering yourself to the blissful and deep relaxation achieved during this experience. If the thought of surrendering any ounce of control gives you extreme anxiety or is a hard limit, then I am happy to offer a different experience before moving into Bondassage. Consent and communication are always paramount! I am always willing to take things as slowly as you need.

If you’d like to learn more, or have any more questions, please visit my Bondassage FAQ page which gives you an idea of what a typical session looks like, as well as my offerings.

Photo by Partition LA

So, now that you know more about Bondassage, will you dare to surrender to bliss? New suitors can click here; existing suitors can email to book!

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