Make Virginia a better place, and have fun while doing it!

Sep 16, 2023Announcements, Education0 comments

Make Virginia a better place, and have fun while doing it!

Sep 16, 2023 | Announcements, Education | 0 comments

I’m doing a special booking incentive for September/October, and you could get complimentary time with me!

If you remember, last October I did a booking incentive to raise money for RVA Community Fridges. I had been thinking about doing something similar this year when an opportunity presented itself. This year I’m doing another one, but instead I’m raising money for Susanna Gibson and Schuyler VanValkenburg’s campaigns for Virginia House of Delegates and Senate in districts that are a part of the greater Richmond metro area.

Read on to learn why I’m supporting their causes. Or, if you want to get to the incentive details, click here.


Recently, unauthorized recordings of camming sessions performed by Virginia House of Delegates candidate, Susanna Gibson, were illegally downloaded from Chaturbate where they were hosted, posted to open sites, and leaked to the Washington Post in order to discredit her, and her campaign. This act is SO utterly abhorrent for three chief reasons. It’s a gross violation of consent—online sex workers who post their content to password-protected, paid sites are ONLY consenting to performing such labor under the auspices that it is PAID FOR. Therefore it is a blatant violation of consent when such content is pirated and distributed without the performer’s knowledge or permission. It’s also a violation of recently enshrined revenge porn law in Virginia. It also constitutes stolen labor, as her content wasn’t originally created to be viewed by anyone who hasn’t paid for it. (MESSAGE: PAY FOR YOUR PORN!!!) The backlash against her online has been extremely whorephobic and shaming! And you all know I won’t stand silently watching that!

Why these races are important?

There are two races for districts in the Henrico County area that are likely to be very close and are very important for LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights in the state of Virginia. One is between VanValkenburg and Siobhan Dunnavant for Senate, and the other is between Gibson and David Owen for House of Delegates. Both districts cover parts of Henrico County, one of the counties surrounding the City of Richmond. Gibson and VanValkenburg are both running on platforms of keeping Virginia safe for queer and trans folks, while Owen and Dunnevant are suspiciously lacking such platforms. Additionally, Dunnevant, along with Owen, is supporting anti-abortion legislation at the behest of current Governor Youngkin. Owen has also gone on record to state that he is pro-life and generally supports anti-abortion legislature.

The race between Gibson and Owen is also contentious, particularly for sex workers in Virginia, because of one of Owen’s legislative priorities. He states on his website that he will ensure that law enforcement receives increased resources, and that he will oppose efforts to defund and demonize police. Henrico County has a track record of executing prostitution stings in the name of “providing victim services to sex workers, such as human trafficking residential programs.” In other words, Henrico County law enforcement has a decade plus long history of using prostitution laws to arrest sex workers under the guise of rescuing them from trafficking, even when there’s no proof that they may actually be trafficking victims, and not consensual sex workers.

Why raise money?

Both of these races are not only sure to be close, but they are the first elections to follow redistricting in the Commonwealth. So it’s hard to know how the elections will go because there is no exact election history to draw upon. The race between Gibson and Owen is also said to be one of the more expensive races in the 2023 Virginia General elections. This is one reason I’ve decided to do a fundraising incentive. I also believe in showing solidarity to fellow erotic laborers, so I am donating my time in such a way that will also raise money. It’s extremely important to put people in state Congress who will work to protect my rights as a queer person and allow me to continue to exist in the Commonwealth—especially considering the number of anti-trans bills we saw introduced into General Assembly 2023.

So how does this work?

Similarly to last year, I’m offering complimentary time on dates with me if you make donations to both Gibson and VanValkenburg’s campaigns. A $200 donation to both Schuyler VanValkenburg and Susanna Gibson’s campaigns ($400 total) gets a complimentary 30 minutes. A $300 donation to both campaigns ($600 total) gets a complimentary 60 minutes. Simply email me if we’ve seen each other before, or fill out my booking form if you’re new. Make the donations using the links above and send me a screenshot of the confirmation email sent to your email address (please use the same email you use to book with me). Here’s the fine print:

  • Donations are ideally made by September 22nd before early voting begins, but can be made as late as September 30th
  • Dates must be booked by October 15, 2023
  • Dates should be completed by Oct. 31, but no later than November 30
  • Dates in Richmond have a 90 minute booking minimum for new suitors, and a 1 hour minimum for returning friends. (In other words, book the time minimum and receive the complimentary time in addition to–not instead of–that.) Please inquire for your particular city’s time minimum.
  • Offer does not apply to dates already booked, or to duos/more

Please email me with any questions! Let’s get these folks elected and help ensure queer/trans rights, reproductive rights, and sex worker safety.

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